Introvert Discrimination

We dealt with racial discrimination, we dealt with gender discrimination and we just dealt with sexual orientation discrimination. I think its about time we deal with introversion discrimination.

Discrimination, for me, means forcing an opinion to be the collective truth. And today we are living in an extrovert world. Being extrovert is viewed as the ideal personality. Which is sad considering we are born with our personality, something like race and gender.

Susan Cain’s book “Quiet” has been an empowering book in my life. Like her, I too felt bad for being me, which was confusing and sometimes frustrating. I’m not exactly shy, sometimes quite the opposite. But I felt I was forcing myself to be someone I’m not comfortable with because the one I’m comfortable with is wrong and inferior. In the book she explains that no one is exactly or fully extroverts or introverts. We have some traits of the two, but we fall more in one category. Like for me, public speaking is no problem, I enjoy talking to a crowd of strangers or in group dynamics, but meeting new people is harder for me and at the end of the day I need my space to think and unwind.

Being an introvert doesn’t mean being shy, one can be a shy extrovert. It has to do with stimulation, as explained in the book. Extroverts crave stimulation like talking and action, while introverts are more alive in lesser stimulation like listening and thinking.

Knowing who I am was one of the turning points of my life. Knowing who I am and what I’m capable of made me happier. Now I let my friends introduce me to meet new people, that assurance knowing that a close friend is nearby helps completely. I could imaging having close friends and families in the audience could do the same for public speaking. The phrase “nobody is an island” has a new meaning for me.

I’m proud to live in the country called earth. I’m proud to have the gender called love. I’m proud that our beautiful world is becoming more beautiful. And don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t that’s just the news talking. I don’t know how to solve this challenge but I believe talking about it is one of the first steps.

Thank you so much for reading and lets have great day.


Susan Cain’s TEDtalks speech


8 thoughts on “Introvert Discrimination

  1. Love this! Susan Cain’s “Quiet” is definitely a book on my must read list. I’ve heard everyone raving about her. I totally agree with you of how people look down at the introvert that they should be more like extroverts. I’m tired of that pressure that extroverts speak about and that too many times introverts take it as truth when it’s not. Hopefully more introverts will learn to love themselves and no longer feel that their personality is a “flaw”.

    • Thanks LetmebeRae! And yes its definitely a must read. Its also my hope that introverts like us would love themselves more, you have an amazing blog with an amazing message. May I ask for a book recommendation though about introversion, Quiet was the only book I read about introversion. Im hungry to learn more :)

      • Thank you! I would definitely recommend reading books from Florence and Marita Littauer as well as Tim and Beverly LaHaye. All of these people have written many books that will blow your mind with the different perspectives of the four temperaments stemming from introverts and extroverts.

  2. Being an Introvert I’ve been discriminated against all my life. But it was 5 years ago where I felt it most: I was fired. For 5 years I worked for a company called Crestron Electronics. I did my work exceptionally (and even received a top performance review less than a month prior to my dismissal). But I kept to myself. Some people didn’t like that, and when those overly religious people discovered that I was an Atheist, one thing led to another. Stories were circulated about me, half-truths muttered, BS was piled upon BS. My supervisor was whispering to people “Don’t trust him, don’t believe him–but Watch him!” and even cracked jokes about me being a Serial Killer! But that’s OK since he was, after all, my supervisor. The others were less forgiving. My little circle of acquaintances eventually vanished there. People were Nervous to be around me. One day I came to work and mid-way through the day, right after lunch, I went to my bench and put my headphones on to resume work… I was tapped on the shoulder and saw 2 or 3 Police Officers standing there. I was escorted off the premises (after my Boss took my cap and did a very visible cursory search for presumably drugs!). Someone started a rumor that I Said I had a gun and was going to shoot people!
    This was 100% hearsay BS but I was out of there, fired, my medical and dental insurance canceled.
    I’ve had it with this kind of ignorance and as a result am still unemployed and living the life of a loner.

    • woa, that’s heavy… I feel for you though… How are you now? Though I also think that ignorance is part of human culture. I mean way before christianity or whatever, there was always hate, and there will always be hate… I now believe that most of our happiness comes from human interaction, however most of our unhappiness comes from human interaction as well. Human interaction is a skill everybody can learn, but for some its their talent and they seem to be the happiest. I don’t know what else to say man, Im also living like a loner and Im currently unemployed, hahaha. But I think its going to be ok you know, we just have to keep on trying.

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